About RPM

Ron Pulcer playing classical guitar

Ron Pulcer Music is an "umbrella" name for my various musical activities.  I am primarily a guitarist, and first started playing in 1973.  I enjoy playing and listening to a variety of musical styles.  Inspired by both Chet Atkins and Andres Segovia, I especially like to play fingerstyle acoustic guitar and some classical guitar.  I apply fingerstyle technique for instrumental arrangements of popular tunes, blues, jazz, hymns and spirituals.  In many cases, I work up my own chord/melody arrangements for these pieces.  In addition, in high school I started playing electric guitar in a "garage band".  I have taken my interest in "classic rock" songs and applied it to acoustic rock or "unplugged" arrangements.  While in college I began expanding my musical interests into blues and folk music songs and history.

My other interests are playing harmonicas, bass, and singing (I have sung baritone in my church choir).

Currently, my main focus is teaching guitar and harmonica, both group lessons and private lessons.  As my time permits, I also do some local performances.  My other interests include songwriting, parodies, and audio recording.

In 2007, I completed a MSIE graduate program (web application development) at Marlboro Graduate Center, at that time in downtown Brattleboro, VT.  For my Capstone Project I designed and developed what I call a "Music Theory Web Service".  So far, the MTWS consists of several prototypes for presenting online interactive lessons for guitar and bass, with the possibility to extend it for piano and other instruments.  Since then, as time permits, I have done some further development of these applications. 

Beside guitar students, the other intended audience is other music teachers, since this web service can be used to help other teachers present lessons online.  In 2018, I participated in the Vermont Road Pitch (business pitch competition) in Rutland, to present this idea in conjunction with social media features as an online learning platform and community.  I keep working on this, as my time permits.

When not playing music, I work in the Information Technology field as a software developer (websites, databases) and teach skiing part-time during the winter.  I am also interested in helping other musicians with developing their own website.  Please contact me if you would like a website built for you.

Thanks for visiting my site, and best of luck in your own musical endeavors!

Best of Luck,