Ron Pulcer playing classical guitar Ron Pulcer Music is an "umbrella" term for my various music activities.  I am primarily a guitarist, and first started playing in 1973.  I enjoy and play a variety of musical styles, but I mostly play fingerstyle acoustic guitar, including instrumental arrangements of popular tunes, blues, jazz and classical guitar.  In many cases, I work up my own chord/melody arrangements for these pieces.  My other interests are playing harmonicas, bass, and singing (including singing baritone in my church choir).

Currently, my main focus is teaching guitar and harmonica, both group lessons and private lessons.  As time permits, I also do some performances.  My other interests include songwriting, parodies, and audio recording.

I recently completed a graduate program at Marlboro Graduate Center (Brattleboro, VT), and for my Capstone Project I designed and developed what I call a "Music Theory Web Engine".  So far, the MTWS consists of several prototypes for presenting online interactive lessons for guitar and bass, with the possibility to extend it for piano and other instruments.  Beside guitar students, the other intended audience is other music teachers, since this web service can be used to help other teachers present lessons online.  My goal is to begin utilizing this web service in the near future.

On my "day job", I work as a software developer and systems analyst, and have designed and programmed this website myself.  I am also interested in helping other musicians with developing their own website.  Please contact me if you would like a website built for you.

Thanks for visiting my site, and best of luck in your own musical endeavors!

Best of Luck,