Drawing of Uncle Ron by nephew Jonathan Ideally, to play guitar and music as much as possible, and have fun in the process of doing so!

But seriously, I would like to pass on my enthusiasm and interest in music to other people who would like to learn to play guitar and harmonica.  There is always something new to learn, and I am a believer in continuous learning and continuous improvement.

I was fortunate to have some good music teachers when I started playing guitar at age 14.  One teacher in particular taught me the importance of learning music theory and applying it to the guitar, such that I could continue to teach myself chords and songs (long after I stopped taking lessons).  This was quite empowering for me, especially for the ability to arrange music for the guitar.  Likewise, I try to empower my students so that they can venture off in their own directions and follow their own interests, and eventually figure out chords and melodies for themselves.

Music is a powerful force.  I hope to use my talents and interests in music in positive ways.

Photo: This drawing was done several years ago by my nephew Jonathan, when he was much smaller.  Now he is as tall as me.  Since the time of this drawing, I have shaved my moustache, grown 2 more fingers per hand (which really helps out with the jazz chords), and finally have straightened out my guitar strings.