Prototype – Guitar Note Locator

Here is one of the prototype online lessons / exploration tools that I created as part of my Capstone Project at Marlboro Grad Center.

Guitar Note Locator

Description: You can locate notes in standard guitar tuning (EADGBE) and other tunings on the guitar fretboard diagram below.  Have you ever experimented with alternate tunings, like Open G or Drop D tunings, and wondered, “now, where did the notes go?”.  Well, now you can find them.  You can also hover/hold your mouse over any given fret/string and see the note name appear. You have various options to choose from, so feel free to experiment.

The Guitar Note Locator allows you to specify a given musical note (ABCDEFG + sharps and flats = white and black piano keys).  When you click the “View Notes” button, the location of the notes with that note name will appear on the virtual fretboard.

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