Prototype – Guitar Note Locator (Tabbed Interface)

Here is an updated prototype for online lessons / exploration tools.  This is based on earlier prototypes that I created as part of my Capstone Project at Marlboro Grad Center.  This one has a tabbed interface, to allow for additional information: lesson description, result note information, instructions (help), lesson index and web links.

You can locate notes in standard guitar tuning (EADGBE) and other tunings on the guitar fretboard diagram below.  Have you ever experimented with alternate tunings, like Open G or Drop D tunings, and wondered, “now, where did the notes go?”.  Well, now you can find them.  You can also hover/hold your mouse over any given fret/string and see the note name appear. You have various options to choose from, so feel free to experiment.

The Guitar Note Locator allows you to specify a given musical note (ABCDEFG + sharps and flats = white and black piano keys).  When you click the “View Notes” button, the location of the notes with that note name will appear on the virtual fretboard.

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