Welcome to Ron Pulcer’s Music Blog

As a graduate of Marlboro Grad Center in 2007, for my Capstone Project, I created a prototype for a Music Theory Web Engine (MTWS).  This web service has two parts.  First, there is a web service for asking music theory questions and getting back answers.   Second, the answers are rendered as dots on a virtual guitar fretboard on a webpage in user’s browser.

I am hoping to use this WordPress blog to summarize and link to the online lesson pages.  Since WordPress has Category and Tagging capability, I can use this feature to categorize lessons (notes, intervals, scales, chords, beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc).

So welcome to my blog for online guitar lessons.  This is a work-in-progress, and I would appreciate any feedback or questions you might have.

Ron Pulcer

Guitar player and instructor, Rutland, VT