Harmonica Lessons

I can teach you to begin to play harmonica and improve your "harp" playing.  Here are some of the things you can learn:

  • Straight-harp (song melodies)
  • Cross-harp (blues style)
  • Notes
  • Chords
  • Train rhythms
  • Bending notes
  • 12-bar blues progression
  • Improvisation

You can learn harmonica either via Group Lessons or Private Lessons.  If you are interested in harmonica lessons, please contact me.

Here is the course description for my beginner harmonica class at the Godnick Center (Rutland Recreation Dept.).

Beginner Harmonica: 6 sessions

Introduction to the 10-hole diatonic harmonica: Key of C harmonica (available at BE Music store in Rutland).

Learn to play notes, chords, songs, basic accompaniments, rhythms, bend notes, riffs, effects and simple improvisations.

Play songs in first position (straight harp), and also play blues style in second position (cross harp). Learn about the 12-bar blues chord progression (song format), and where the blues harp can fit in.

The class is designed to be fun, and no prior musical experience is required. With sufficient practice, students can impress their family and friends with the famous "train rhythm" and "train whistle", along with bending notes and some blues riffs.

Please register for this courses through the Rutland Rec Dept. website, or call 802-773-1822

Note: I have taught one Intermediate Harmonica course at the Rutland Rec Center several years ago.  I had a group of students who wanted to continue learning, so I taught an intermediate level course for them.  So, if you wanted to go further in your learning on the harmonica, I can accomodate that with a follow-up course.