Private Lessons

In addition to Group Lessons, I also teach Private Lessons.

As I describe my "teaching approach" on the Lessons page, I try to customize and accomodate lessons to fit a given student's interests, goals and abilities.  I do this via an initial Student Interests Survey and a Topics Menu.  With private lessons, I am able to more directly focus on your particular musical interests and goals.  At the first lesson (or before) you can fill out a short Student Interest Survey to help me to better understand your musical interests and goals, plus any prior music experience (if any).  That helps me to better understand your initial starting point on your "musical journey".  From there, we can use the Topics Menu to help pick and choose which songs and exercises to work on in subsequent lessons (ear training, rhythm training, chords, notes, scales, chord progressions, etc). 

If you are interested in private lessons for guitar or harmonica, please contact me.  I will work with you to figure out a workable schedule for both of us.