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I have taught the Guitar I course at the Community College of Vermont (CCV-Rutland) during the Fall semesters for the following years: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010

MUS-2341-VR01 - Guitar I
Faculty: Ron Pulcer
Email: Ronald.Pulcer (at)

Please feel free to contact me by email.  If you have any questions about the Course Description, Syllabus, or questions during the course, please email me.  Interesting news about guitar players, guitar gear or upcoming concerts in Vermont is also welcome!


Guitar I is an introduction to basic picking, fingerpicking, chords, rhythms, bass lines, and accompanying vocals on the six-string guitar. Includes such styles as folk, blues, rock, jazz, country, and classical. Students are introduced to music theory, notation, and history related to guitar. Access to a guitar is required. Open to students with no previous musical training.

This course will give the student basic skills and knowledge about the guitar and music in general. Since when we play the guitar, we are actually playing "music", so there will be some discussion of musical concepts that are helpful to all musicians. This course is a starting point for beginning guitarists, who may each have varying musical interests and goals.

Note: If you have played guitar before and already know some basic chords, but don't read music, then your focus in this course will be to learn to sight read. If you need more challenging songs or exercises, I can provide additional handouts. Just ask.


The successful student will be able to:

  1. Develop and apply basic plectrum (pick) and fingerpicking techniques.
  2. Sight-read simple melodies and apply open chord shapes and rhythms.
  3. Play pieces in a variety of styles which may include: folk, blues, rock, classical and reggae.
  4. Discuss basic music theory and notation as it relates to the guitar, including chord symbols and guitar tablature.
  5. Listen to and analyze a variety of guitar players and styles.


Belwin's 21st Century Guitar Library: Guitar Method I Complete Edition,
by Aaron Stang, Warner Brothers (ISBN-10 # 0757909469, ISBN-13 # 9780757909467)

Notes: This newer edition is a combination of previously separate Method 1 (ISBN-10 # 0898987296) and Theory 1 books (ISBN-10 # 089898730x).  The combined book is more convenient and contains extra tracks on CD.  You can purchase the combined edition through EdMap.  If you want to purchase locally, inquire at BE Music in Rutland, (802) 775-4030.

For more information, please see the Guitar I Course Description or Syllabus.