Guitars In The Classroom

In 2002, I started a local program for the national non-profit Guitars In The Classroom.  GITC is a non-profit organization that provides guitar lessons to K-6 teachers, pre-school teachers, as well as directly to K-6 and pre-school students.  GITC partners with guitar manufacturers to provide guitars to schools. 

Our Rutland, VT GITC courses were taught at the Dana Rec Center (Rutland Recreation Dept.) for local K-6 and pre-school teachers (in our classes, several teachers worked with HeadStart students).  We taught local classroom teachers basic guitar skills and childrens songs.  From there, these teachers were able to provide some basic music experiences and song-leading for their students.

In 2005, my GITC co-teacher Linda MacFarlane took over the Rutland, VT GITC program for me, when I began working on my master's degree.  While I no longer teach a GITC program, and the Rutland GITC program no longer operates, I highly recommend GITC as a worthy non-profit org to support!  With budget cuts at many schools in America, music programs are often affected.  Guitars In The Classroom helps to bring musical experiences to K-6 and pre-school students either directly, or via basic guitar training for classroom teachers.