I enjoy listening and playing a variety of musical styles.  My favorite music styles are Classical Guitar and Blues music (guitar and harmonica).  But I also enjoy jazz, traditional country, hymns and spirituals, and rock n' roll and classic rock (from the 1950s - 1970s).  I also enjoy listening to Italian music and other ethnic music (even though I don't understand the lyrics) to hear different musical scales and harmonies.

If I had to classify my guitar playing, I would say I play mostly fingerstyle guitar on acoustic guitars (steel and nylon string), in a variety of music genres.  I was first attracted to fingerstyle guitar by listening to classical guitarist Andre Segovia and also watching Chet Atkins on television.  What I love most about fingerstyle guitar is that fact that you can play multiple parts at the same time or in the same song, which somewhat approximates what a piano player does (bass lines, chords, harmonies, melodies and riffs).  By picking the strings with your thumb and fingers, it allows you to more precisely "pick and choose" the notes you want to play (and avoid or mute the notes/strings you don't want to play).  In contrast, when playing the strings with a flat pick, this can be more challenging.

While I very much enjoy listening to electric guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton and Dave Edmunds (to name just a few), I prefer to play acoustic guitar.  Since I work in the computer / information technology field, I guess my attraction to the acoustic guitar is because it doesn't require electricity and you can take it almost anywhere.  Likewise, I am a big blues music fan, but I don't consider myself a blues musician, per se.  I enjoy both acoustic and electric blues.  However, I do appreciate acoustic fingerstyle blues for the fact that it involves bass lines, chords, riffs and melodies; all played with the thumb and fingers.

Musical Styles

Here are the musical styles that I play.  The genres marked with (FS) indicate that I play these styles using fingerstyle technique.  Many of the fingerstyle and chord/melody pieces I play are my own guitar arrangements.  To view a partial song list for a given genre, click the links below, which will direct you to the appropriate list on the Song Lists page.

Song Lists

To see a partial list of the music I play, by category, see the Song Lists page.  If you would like a more comprehensive list, you can email me for more information.